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Album Photos See the Sights that Everyone Dreams of!

Ever want to enjoy the ancient history of our ancestors? Then holidays Egypt is just what you need. Enjoy the exotic sights that people only dream and wish off. There is so many things to see and explore. With our 17 years experience you can take a Behariya Oasis White Desert Tour with our small group packages. It lasts all year around and has camping accommodations. It includes transport and tests as well as meals and drinks. Personal guide is also provided. Your itinerary will be jammed packed with activity for three days.

Want a more private tour? Then try our private tour in Cairo, Egypt all year around. Suitable for most travelers, our trip includes an English speaking guide, transfers and transport and camping tents and equipment. Prices vary person. Enjoy Bahariya on day one as well as a White Desert Tour on day two. No more boring tour with your day three visit to various historical sites such as a great view of golden mummies and a three day ruin of Alexander the Great. Then a final exploration to Cairo is completing the trip.

Ever wanted something longer? Ever want to get the basics of Egypt? Then try our 4 day trip. With our 40 year experience, we have you sitting in our upscale experience with our private tour of Cairo, Egypt. Our holidays Egypt are offered all year around. In our highlights of Egypt, you can take tours with private guides in our hotel accommodations. Suitable for most travelers, our trip includes an entry fee and transport as well as airport transfers. Your four day trip will be equipped with a full packed itinerary starting at Cairo and visiting the Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx by day two. By day 4 you enjoy a final upscale buffet that people only dream off.

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