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Album Photos Lima: Peru's Party Town

To many people Lima, Peru is heaven on earth. Set on a cliff on the west coast of a country on South America’s western edge, Lima is an enigma. It is ancient and modern, peaceful and fast-paced, begging to be known yet unknowable, it is a study in fun. What Lima has most are happy people. Lima was once called the City of Kings, but today it is the land of every man. Venders selling everything imaginable gather in its markets during the day and get their righteous party on during the night in this desert city overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Lovers flock to Lima for the parks and fountains. The focus of their furious amour is the Park of the Reserve and its world famous Magical Circuit of Water. Within the park are 13 fountains with names that inspire dreams and configurations that are otherworldly. Many of the fountains are interactive and all of them are covered with colorful light at night. They have names like Magic Fountain, Fountain of Life, Fantasy Fountain, Tunnel of Surprise, Harmony Fountain and Maze of Dreams Fountain.

Lima has a reputation as a party city. There are many reasons for this. First of all Peruvian people are naturally fun loving and they enjoy having a good time. Plus the beer is strong and you get two for one during happy hour. Pisco Sour, a blend of brandy and egg whites, is the most popular drink. At night, Lima's clubs come to life. It leads to the fun holiday Peru is known for. Salsa, traditional Peruvian music, rock, R&B and more fills the night. The holiday Peru visitors want can be found every day in Lima's entertainment district. Whether it is sports, bullfighting, rare art, exotic foods or fun parties, Lima has it all!

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