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Album Photos Learn The History of China On Your Next Asian Vacation

One of the most breathtaking and astounding features that the Asian continent brags of is the Great Wall of Chine. This wall stretches and winds up in valleys, hills, plains and rivers. It is in fact the face of China tour and it has been claimed to be the only visible man made feature that can be seen from space.

Beijing is one of the most visited cities in Asia. This is where the Great Wall and other outstanding physical features are found. Moreover, the city has a very reliable mode of transport and well developed road network. Beware of traffic jams though as they are frequent in the city.

You can as well take a walk to Xian City where you will experience the most captivating seasonal flowers that will leave you amazed. The flowers give the lush and green countryside an exotic air full of fragrance and fresh smell. Even though there is global warming and the air is constantly being polluted, there are places one can still experience the best natural air and fragrance. Xian is one of these places.

If you still want to climb the Great Wall and see how it was made and structured, you should start from the Simatai section. On this China tour, you will experience the beauty of watching the sun down along the vast terrains as a vibrant nightlife beckons. You can also take a walk to the Badaling section and have an alternate view of the area.

The Chinese authorities are doing a commendable job in ensuring ancient artifacts are preserved well for future generations. The once thriving ancient land has given way to vibrant modern cities that are comparable to those found in the West. After a long day of exploring the history of the country, stop by a bar or nightclub and drink the night away! Click here for more details.

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