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So the decision has been made to make a Kenya holidays well with this guide here will make that a great choice with things to do and see on the trip.

Places to visit while on Kenya holidays. To start with once you arrive, need to go see Mt. Kenya as this is a focal point for the great country of Kenya.
From Mt. Kenya move on to Nairobi and catch the great skyline, while doing that mission then move on to the Nairobi National Park to catch the great African outdoors and all the animals of Africa. When completed with this tasking, think about next moving on to a tour guided true African Safari as this would have to be the greatest thing to see while in Kenya.

After that take a look at maybe taking a trip down to the coast and enjoy some time on the nice beaches of Kenya as they are always great places to unwind after a day of traveling one of the better spots to go would be down in the southern part where more of a tropical feeling can be felt. Then after enjoying some time on the beach why not treat yourself to a great meal of the local cuisine.

If the time frame of the trip will occur in June think about adding to the adventure by watching a great yearly Rhino race where the locals take on the Rhinos in a little off road race.

One last thing that may help fulfill your Kenya holidays would be a trip on the great Tana River Delta and enjoy the great photo ops along with a nice tranquil setting of the great river and all the animals that roam the rivers.
Or if a trip to see dormant volcanoes is in your plan than Kenya will provide you the opportunity to see quite a few dormant volcanoes allowing great photo ops.

Then of course head back to the beach areas and check in to a nice hotel for the evening to enjoy the day that was just had.

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